Artem Vikhrov: «We are experiencing incredible drive today!»

The Blue-White-Sky Blues defender shared his emotions after the victory over Strasbourg and thanked his teammates for their support and believes that the team is going to be completely ready for the game against «Astana».
Artem Vikhrov: «We are experiencing incredible drive today!»

— Honestly, I've got some crazy emotions right now. I didn't expect it to happen so that there would be overtime and such a long game. I think that it was interesting to for the spectators to see such an intriguing finish. 

— In the beginning of the match everything was going pretty well with your shots and your three pointers too. But what happened after that? Was everyone a bit off or did your opponents not allow you to shoot?

— I think that in the second half we were a little bit tired. We had a shortened rotation and had to rely on some of our players for a good amount of the game time. As a result, we missed a few more shots from being so tired.

— Did the fans support add to your motivation?
— Of course. We experienced an incredible drive, when you score and the entire arena stands, and is worried and are all shouting «St. Pete! St. Pete!». It's incredibly nice!

— Your next match is on the road against «Astana» . Are you worried that you aren't going to have the same kind of emotions that you brought out today?

— I still have another three days with only one practice and tomorrow is a recovery day. I think that everything is going to be in order with our emotions, and we'll also be entirely physically ready as well.