Cameron Jones: "We did everything right today"

Zenit's defender, Cameron Jones, shared his impressions from the Eurocup match against Szolnoki Olaj. The match finished with a well earned win 81:61. Jones himself noted the progress the team has made since their much against Kalev.
Cameron Jones: "We did everything right today"

— From the very start of today's match we were working hard on the court. We tried to get everything done our coach asked us to do. We did everything right in the paint today and so we came out with a win.

— Are you satisfied with your game today?
— I think so yeah. I was really in the groove today with the other guys. I missed a few three pointers, but I think I made up for it on defense and I wasn't bad on the attack either.

— Did the team have revenge on its mind today?
— Sure, we lost there and we really haven't lost a lot this season. But today we played our best and showed that we are going to continue to keep improving.

— Did you think that the point difference was going to be so big?
— Honestly I really didn't. We were just concentrating on playing a good game, we knew that today we could win because we have a stronger team than they do. But you can't win if you don't do what you need to do and we pulled it off today.

— What was the breaking point in the match today?
— I think it was probably in the beginning of the second quarter. On the attack we gave up a few rebounds, but then after that we started to play more confidently and earned a twenty point advantage. By the time halftime rolled around, the game was already in our hands.

— Your coach wasn't happy with how you played against Kalev. Do you think that you've been able to improve over these past few weeks?
— I felt better today mentally than last time. I was completely concentrated on what was going on on the court and was confident that I would play well.