Artem Komolov: "We worked on our mistakes"

Zenit's defender, Artem Komolov, spoke to a correspondent of, and commented on the victory over Khimki in the Eurocup with a score of 89:86.
Artem Komolov: "We worked on our mistakes"

— You scored a good amount of points today. Was it part of the plan for you to shoot a lot?
— The plan was more to play defensively and be more confident on the attack.

— What was different about this match against Khimki at home versus the one on the road? Besides the result of course.
— We worked on our mistakes and tried not to lose steam at the end. We tried to play with more concentration, and work our attacks out all the way through. Of course today felt different too since we were playing in front of our fans.

— The third and the fourth quarters are generally a pretty weak spot for Zenit. Today it was the opposite, you played confidently and calmly all the way through the finish.
— Yeah we were trying not to play too fast, to build successful attacks and just play our own game.

— You've got some games with some weaker opponents coming up.
— I think that this is going to be an emotional boost that will bode well for our game. We are motivated and want to win our next match.