Artem Kuzyakin: “I’m hoping for good fan support in the game with VEF”

In the preseason friendly between Zenit and VEF, the Blue-White-Sky Blues Captain scored 19 points. However, according to the very same Artem Kuzyakin, tomorrow will be an entirely different game.
Artem Kuzyakin: “I’m hoping for good fan support in the game with VEF”

— Today is going to be a really serious fight, Latvian teams always put up a serious fight and are incredibly tenacious. Last time the leaders of the Latvian team didn’t play so it’s going to be an entirely different game. We have to forget about the last game, that’s in the past and we have to concentrate on the upcoming matches. After last practice it’s pretty clear that the team is burning to get back on the court after the loss. I hope that all this emotion will help us win.

— Today at nearly the exact same time both Zenit basketball and Zenit football are going to be playing. As a long time fan of FC Zenit, are you going to be worrying about how your football teammates are doing?
— No, I’m sure that our colleagues are going to come out with a win today in their cup match. Zenit will win pretty easily against Arsenal. The main thing that I’m worried about is that our fans will only be able to catch one match in person: either basketball or football. But I’m hopeful we’ll see a full stadium anyway.

— Yesterday you uploaded a video on instagram where your son Mark showed of some combat ready skills against the punching bag.
— Mark is going to aikido and he really likes it and was showing me some of his new skills. I think that every boy should have some battle ready habits, be able to defend himself. But this is also good for basketball too so don’t think that we are giving up on basketball. Before I turned on the camera, Mark was playing with the basketball.