Zenit — Beshiktash: overtime in Kazan

An incredibly intense match for the first home match in Zenit’s Eurocup campaign leads to an overtime finish that allowed Beshiktash to come out on top.
Zenit — Beshiktash: overtime in Kazan

Starting lineup for Zenit: Hodge, Vikhrov, Lukagin, Valiev, Borovnyak

Hodge and Borovnyak led the attack from the very first seconds of the match. By the middle of the first quarter the score was tied 8:8. The teams moved in tandem not allowing each other to tear away with the lead. Lazarev and Jones come on from the bench and then the game really turnsd on, they raised the tempo and speed of Zenit. An impressive dunk from Dmitry Kulagin had even Beshiktash’s bench impressed and Zenit for the first time grabbed the lead. From here though Beshiktash went on a run and scored nine points in a row. Hodge’s three point shot kept Zenit within striking distance with a score of 19:23.

Within the next ten minutes, the Blue-White-Sky Blues were able to take the initiative with Hodge and Borovnyak consistently leading the attack, and along with Landry’s help Zenit was able to bring the lead down to only 4 points. If our team was able to score some pretty tough shots and get some momentum back, then Beshiktash showed some incredibly skill by scoring five three-pointers in a row! The teams went into the break with a score of 44:45.

In the first half of the match Zenit was 2/3 on their three-point shots and Beshiktash had a pretty high percentage at 9-15. Vasily Karasev called a timeout and got the team together after Beshiktash scored nine and only gave up to. In the middle of the third quarter the gap for Zenit to close had already grown to 9 points (46:55). But the strength of our team broke the deficit to only 5 points and the Jones evened the score at 62:62. Holland and Kulagin swapped off some field goals, Tuncheri was excellent from afar and Landry answered the quick attack off of the rim to make it 66:67. But the Beshiktash was buffeted from the support of their Turkish fans and time after time they were able to find the strength to stay in the game, owing in part to their excellent three-point shots.

Two minutes before the final whistle and Kulagin had shot to get Zenit back in the game and was fouled during the play, converted it anyway and them made up another two points from the free throws to even the score — 76:76. And again it was a tight finish. After Johnson scored to put the opponents up, Landry evened the score 78:78 with 15 seconds left to go. Zenit held off their attack and the game went into overtime. In extra time the intrigues kept everyone guessing until the very end. It was clear that both teams were running out of steam and gave up a few mistakes. Ultimately Beshiktash was able to hang on for the win with a final score of 86:90.