Beshiktash’s head coach: “We have to bring home a win in Kazan”

Before today’s match with Zenit, the head coach for Beshiktash, Akhmed Kandemir, spoke about the preparation of his team for this game, and underscored that he is counting on the support from Kazan’s fans.
Beshiktash’s head coach: “We have to bring home a win in Kazan”

— As you know, we lost our first match in the Eurocaup and now we have to come back from that loss. By the way, Zenit also lost their first away match. We also lost at home to Slovensk’s Union Olymipiad — although these are totally different things: to lose at home and losing away are very different. Sure, both teams took tough losses, but it was shameful for us to lose in front of our own fans. And now we are very much set on today’s match, we have to come out of this meeting with a win for our fans.

Zenit is a strong team, they’re are a very dangerous opponent for us. There are a good number of developing players, and their main squad is very effective on the court. Kyle Landry is the heart of the team, he’s a very important player for Zenit and as for Diyan Borovnyak, we remember how well he played in Turkey this past season. I think that the result of today’s match will very much influence who is going to go into the second group round of the Eurocup.

Right now our team has a pretty strong roster, although we’ve had some problems with injury so far and so we haven’t been able to show our real strength. We’ve been working hard for this match and decided to take a night flight in order to have time to prepare for the game, to get used to the different in time. I think that it’s a long road and even something like the weather will influence the final outcome of the game.

I know that in Tatarstan they always support Turkish teams so I don’t think that Zenit is going to have an advantage as the home team here. I hope that today they’ll be rooting for us.