Artem Kuzyakin: “Right now all our thoughts are about the start of the season”

The Blue-White-Sky Blues’ captain, Artem Kuzyakin, spoke about the atmosphere around the team, attitude towards the start of the season — and invited all fans to their basketball matches.

Artem Kuzyakin: “Right now all our thoughts are about the start of the season”

— Has the team already come together?
— It’s better to ask the training staff that question. We had some good games in Latvia, got to know each other a bit more, worked on coming together as a team. Of course, in order to really unite as a team, we need a bit more time then a month and some friendly matches. That being said, we are going to give our best and put everything we can into the games to get some good results in official games.

— What’s the atmosphere like around the team right now? Is it already clear who’s going to be the heart and soul of the team? 
—  It’s a great atmosphere to be in. Everyone is getting along well and hanging out on and off the court. As far as to who is the ringleader? I’m going to say this without modesty — it’s me of course!

— As a born and bred St. Petersburger and the captain of the team, are you planning on showing the guys around the city?
— I’d be happy to show them all around the city and put on a little excursion. But most of my thoughts are really only about getting everyone to be in good form and starting the season on the right foot and getting a good playing rhythm on. So first, we’ll get our style of basketball down and then we’ll go out for excursions around the city.

— You’re a longtime fan of Zenit and SKA. Have you already invited any of the players to your home games?
— A lot of my friends that used to play here have already moved to different teams. That being said, I will of course still invite them to our matches. And I invite all fans to come and support our team!