Security Service

Zenit’s security service is responsible both for the safety of the club representatives (the team and personnel), as well as of the fans of the blue-white-light blues.

The fans’ comfort at matches is top priority. Zenit has created its own stewarding service, made up of people who are happy to help you find your seat in the stands, and also to be sure that nothing will disturb your viewing of the match. Thanks to this system, Zenit has managed to make it as comfortable as possible to watch matches from any of the sectors in Sibur-Arena. Trust and understanding of the responsibility for one another is a major principle of the work of Zenit’s security service and the club department for fan relations. The importance of this contact shows that Zenit really is a large club.

It’s very important for us to know your opinion on any questions connected to safety, whether it be visiting Sibur Arena or going to the club’s away matches.

In order to organize effective feedback between supporters and the club, an e-mail address for fan comments has been made:

You can send your requests connected to security issues to this address. All of your letters will be read, your requests will be considered, and If necessary you will receive a response from representatives of the team’s safety service.