Rules of accreditation

General Rules for Accreditation

In the 2014-2015 season all accreditation procedures are to be conducted through

The accreditation center is committed to simplifying the cooperation between the club and the mass media. Through their own account, journalist can choose events on our calendar that are the most interesting and relevant to them, their type of accreditation, edit their personal details, receive information about the club and send their own questions to representatives of the press service.

Accreditation allowances

• radio broadcasters — 1 place in the press box
• federal and regional printed outlets who have a basketball section — 2 correspondents and 1 photographer.
• news agency — 2 journalists, 1 photographer
• internet publication — 1 journalist, 1 photographer
• specialized media outlets — 1 correspondent and 1 photographer

There is a limited amount of accreditation for photographers

Accreditation form

Accreditation for the journalists is issued in the form of a document that certifies the accreditation of a journalist for BC Zenit’s home matches in the VTB United League and Eurocup.

Accreditation certification allows for the right of entry to the Sibur-Arena as well as to the associated zones during basketball games.

Access zones

• For photo correspondents: stands, press box, court’s perimeter (with the exception of the teams’ benches and the director’s table), press-zone, press-center
• For television crews: stands, press box, court’s (with the exception of the teams’ benches and the director’s table), press zone and press center.
• For TV commentators: press zone. This also gives the right to be located in the commentators’ box during the match.
• For print and electronic members of the press: stands, press box, press zone and the press center.

Rejection or forfeiture of accreditation.

Zenit’s press service reserves the right to reject accreditation in following conditions:

• in the event of the violation of the rules of the accreditation application process;
• in the event that the journalist loses their position with the publication (in this case the publication reserves the right to accredit another journalist);
• upon the termination of their activities with the press;
• in the event of the dissemination of information that causes the organization harm, or infringes upon the rights and interests of its employees, whose rights have been confirmed in law by court decision;
• in the event of the termination of the coverage of the sporting life of St. Petersburg and basketball.
• upon the violation of the rules of conduct at the Sibur-Arena and the proper access zone during match coverage and or violating the violation of the rules of conduct in the press center.